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The Excellence Group, LLC, is an educational consulting organization that focuses on providing support to school districts, school administrators, and educators. Our mission is to foster educational excellence among Mississippi’s public school children. We offer superior quality in our services, which include professional development, school business consulting, using curriculum to raise test scores, and comprehensive school improvement.
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Meet Our Team

Meet our team

Our team of seasoned education professionals is ready to assist your school or distrct with optimizing instruction, administration, finance, and operations.

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The Excellence Group consultants have proven to be knowledgeable and committed to improving student achievement.  They have met our goals and expectations and have delivered a quality product on time and in a professional manner.  We appreciate the working relationship that exists with our District and look forward to continuing our journey towards excellence for all of our students.
Arthur McMillan, Superintendent, Biloxi Public Schools
The Excellence Group has assisted our District in improving its academic performance through administrative mentoring, refined assessment procedures, and improved special education articulation.  Their services have been an integral part of our improvement efforts and I recommend them for your consideration.
Dr. David Daigneault, Superintendent, Grenada School District
Our relationship with The Excellence Group is built on honesty, integrity, and a passion for improving student achievement.  Our unique relationship provides unparalleled access to our content and equips their consultants with the resources necessary to assist Mississippi schools in achieving School Improvement Goals
Ellen Haley, President, ETB McGraw-Hill
If you want dedication, hard working, willingness and effectiveness - The Excellence Group is the right choice!
Susie Evans, Children with Disabilities Program Director Holmes County School District